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6 Top Tips for Perfect Burgers

Transform Your BBQ This Summer

Whether you are a serious burger fanatic, or you simply want to bring your burger game up to scratch, there are plenty of ways you can improve your cooking technique to create the perfect patty.

So, get the BBQ fired up and get ready to grill the best burger of your life!


  1. Choose your meat wisely

If you are looking to make juicy burgers, you will need to get freshly ground chuck with a fat content of at least 18%.


  1. Form patties with wet hands

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to work the meat roughly. With wet hands, break the meat apart gently with your fingers and form into patties.


  1. Add fillings

If you seriously want to up your burger game, use the Stuffed Burger Press to fill your patties with anything you want. For the best burger of your life we highly recommend stuffing your patty with mac ‘n cheese!


  1. Season before grilling

Only salt your patties before they are about to be grilled as this will keep them moist and tender.


  1. Flip once

Turning your burgers more than once will dry out the meat and result in your burgers sticking to the grill. Cook 2 minutes per side for rare, 3 for medium-rare, 4 for medium and 5 for well-done. Don’t press burgers while you’re cooking them!


  1. And relax

Always let your burger rest for a few minutes after removing from the grill as this will let the juices seep through the burger for maximum juiciness.


Happy cooking!


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